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Why is intellectual property important?

Novel intellectual property (IP) is created regularly by researchers in universities and it is becoming increasingly important for both staff and students to equip themselves with elementary knowledge of the subject. An awareness of IP can be useful, so that every researcher is aware of how to protect, distribute and manage the outputs of their research, ranging from articles and datasets to teaching materials and slide decks. In addition, knowledge of IP and basic legal considerations can be useful when reusing the work of others and understanding what can and cannot be shared online.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed specifically for researchers working in universities and institutes. The content of the course is for staff and students from any field of study and any stage of their career, though we think it will be of particular interest to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers.

IP is a complex area and this course does not cover every aspect of the subject in detail, as that would require a lengthy amount of time to be invested by the course participant, but it will introduce key areas that are relevant to the 21st century research professional. The course content is presented using a variety of formats such as text, images and videos to suit a range of studying preferences. It is designed to fit into a researcher’s busy schedule, therefore it is short, concise and can be completed in your own time.

The course assumes no prior knowledge of IP and it points to several sources that provide more in depth discussions of various aspects of IP should students wish to explore further.

There are international variations in IP law and this course will primarily focus on IP in the UK, however there are several similarities regarding how the law is applied in other countries. The content in this course should not be regarded as legal advice and researchers are encouraged to seek advice and counsel from their institutions and/ or legal professionals to discuss their own individual requirements.

What do I need?

All of the content is contained within the course, so all you will need is a quiet space, a computer or mobile device, an internet connection and headphones so that you can hear the sound on the videos. The course contains videos, images, visual explanations of concepts, text and quizzes. We hope you enjoy it!

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Comments from researchers who recently took the course:

"Excellent. An informative course on the practice of IP. The case studies are interesting and the content of the course clearly written with supporting videos and documents for widening knowledge."

"Excellent. A concise, clear overview of Intellectual property rights and how they may be applied in the world of academic or related fields."

"I recommend it. The course provides a straightforward overview to researchers about key IP issues and opportunities that they may need to consider regarding their research. It provides supplementary resources and links so participants can follow up the areas that are most relevant to them."

"Really informative. Even the parts that didn't apply to my particular area were interesting to find out about. The links to websites etc. were very useful."

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